You need new clients, here’s how…

  Phone not ringing? No Email orders coming in? Here are some tips to help your small business get some much needed clientele. According to Rieva Lesonsky at, as a small business, here are 10 tips to use immediately. 1. Ask for referrals. Referrals are one of the best ways to get new customers—but if you […]

The Smart Start(up)

Your growing startup is now ready to move from the garage to the boardroom. Or is it? Here are some questions you should be asking before looking for office space. How are you going to profit, and grow? In essence, how will you make money, and how will that profit lead to growth? What will […]

Let’s talk desk space

  You finally made the move…into a bare office. The walls are empty, seating and desks are non-existent. As a small business, you want to be mindful of costs, however your employees don’t want to put their computers on TV trays. Time to buy some furniture, but what’s a good benchmark, and what should you […]

Feeling stressed?

  “I need a new office”. Those words alone bring trepidation and far reaching consequences into your work and personal life. After all, you may be facing this situation due to growth, or possibly even setbacks in your business. It’s OK! At SwiftLease, we understand that where you work has a lot to do with […]

Commercial office lease agreements are hard!

Assignments, subleases, modifications and fixtures? These terms will actually be on the test, but wait, you’re not a CRE expert. The advantage of having SwiftLease in your negotiations is evident when looking at the average lease contract. It can be mind boggling to the everyday lessee, however we can navigate the language for you to […]

The importance of timing in your office lease

We’ve all heard the phrase, time is the only resource you can’t get more of. It rings true in many instances, none more so than in regard to your office lease. Why is that? Let’s explore why timing is an issue when you lease. The market is live. Yes, it seems trite, but it’s true, […]

Office Renewals don’t have to be scary

One of the most challenging things for small business owners in regard to their office leases to address is that of renewal. This is usually a time when budgets are realigned, current and future space needs are considered, and sleep is lost. With SwiftLease, your renewal will be just another day for you as our […]

Advantages of Flexible Work Space

There’s no denying the popularity and draw of flexible work space in today’s ever evolving war for talent. In a recent study done by The Harvard Business Review, it was observed that office utilization peaks at 42% on any given day, and the rest of the space goes unused. So, many forward thinking companies have […]