The Smart Start(up)

Your growing startup is now ready to move from the garage to the boardroom. Or is it? Here are some questions you should be asking before looking for office space.

  1. How are you going to profit, and grow? In essence, how will you make money, and how will that profit lead to growth?
  2. What will your move in costs be? Parking, Utilities, Furniture, IT Requirements, Attorney costs etc. These can add up, and having an expert like SwiftLease in your corner will give you the advantage you need to navigate each of these.
  3. How much space do we need? See point 1, this is all tied together, and you don’t want to acquire too much space too soon.
  4. Is the area we are looking for an office in safe for us? You don’t want to be in a questionable area that your employees will be hesitant to come to.
  5. Can I (we) afford an office now? Again, this is a large part of the first point, and this question must be asked over, and over again to ensure you’re not overextending yourself.

While it may seem rudimentary to ask these questions as an office has obvious cost implications, it’s always better to start sooner rather than later on asking these questions. Bringing in an experienced broker like SwiftLease can help mitigate the time and effort required to securing the right type of space solution based on your budget and business. Contact us today to get started.