Start your office day with these simple tips


Starting off your day on the right foot isn’t just about what you do as soon as you wake up. You also have to consider what you do when you head into the office, too. Are you using that first 15 minutes or so as wisely as possible? Spoiler: If you’re using it to check your email, the answer is no.
Here’s what to do instead.

  1. Take a moment to meditate as soon as you get in to reflect on what really needs to get done. (12 Most)
  2. While you’re at it, do some stretching, too. (Greatist)
  3. Check to make sure your to-do list is actually, um, doable. (Fast Company)
  4. Additionally, consider coming up with a daily goal of the most important and urgent thing that needs to get done. (HBR)
  5. Before everyone’s day gets busy, take 10 or 15 minutes in the morning to catch up with your co-workers and just chat. Showing gratitude and kindness is important. (Mashable)
  6. Check these important websites as soon as you get to the office to stay up-to-date on everything important. (Lifehack)
  7. Hold off on the cup of joe. Morning is actually not the best time to drink it. (TIME)
  8. Take the email-free mornings challenge.It’s as straightforward as it sounds. (Jullien Gordon)
  9. Use one of these simple tips to make your entire workday easier. (The Daily Muse)