Office Rent Structures

Choosing where to locate your business is an important part of deciding to lease office space.  Cost can change significantly based on location, so creating a budget and knowing the price in your preferred area is the best way to begin the search for location.  The other steps to choosing a location are different depending on the type of business and the type of space that you will use.

Choosing an Office Location 

Businesses looking for office space should consider image and convenience for clients, employees, and strategic partners.  If your business services high profile clients who appreciate and expect a lot of amenities, you will want to locate yourself in a building that supports this. If on the other hand, your clients value conservation and eco-friendly behavior, you may want to locate yourself in a LEED certified building.  It may also benefit you to be located in the part of town that is known to host businesses of your caliber or in your industry.

You will also want to consider whether or not the place is easy to get to and easy to find.  If your business appeals to people who work downtown and can walk to your office during business hours, having a downtown office would be a great idea.  However if you are dealing with people with children and the elderly, navigating a downtown office building might be an inconvenience.   In addition to your clients, you will want to think about convenience for yourself, your employees, and suppliers.  Traffic and parking can cause huge headaches for these stakeholders.

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