How Do I Choose The Right Office Space For My Small Business?

Moving into a new office space can be an exciting time. It signals growth, and the start of a new adventure brimming with possibility. But, for many small business owners, it can also be a time of uncertainty and stress.

How do you choose the right office space for your small business and one that comes with the right price tag?

Consider this your cheat sheet to find the perfect office space in Houston ‘Hustle Town’ Texas!

Open-Floor Plan Vs. Cubicle Style

Big tech companies like Facebook and Google triggered the trend of cubicle space as a way to collaborate and create. But what about those employees that require a distraction-free environment to brainstorm new ideas, or introverted workers who don’t feel comfortable in a social work environment?

If you have a growing small business, consider an office space that offers both open space and private offices and conference rooms.

A mix of working environments can help to accommodate your workers, and lead to the most efficient office space for maximum productivity.

Office Space That Promote Productivity

What’s the most productive office space layout?

A clean work space with organizational features like cabinets, enough counter top space and even the ability to personalize your space.

According to Jamie Fertsch, director and co-founder of XDesk, a company that creates customized desks, “Choosing personal items inspires you to be productive.”

She also adds that organizing your desk at the start of every day is key. At the end of each day, write down your to-do list for tomorrow.

You’ll start the next day feeling organized and ready to roll.

Tips to Try After You’ve Signed the Dotted Line  

From the museum district, to diverse culture and over 10,000 restaurants, the largest city in Texas has you covered. Now that you’ve found the perfect commercial space, what now?

Take these smart saving tips for a stress-free move-in and you’ll be miles ahead of the rest:

Diversify Your Buying

Are you buying everything from one supplier? Why? Although it is convenient to add to cart and submit, it may cost you. To cut costs, try a local supplier. It can often be less expensive to replenish your supplies, especially when it comes to one-off items you need in a hurry.

Consider Used When You Can

Slash your office space costs when you move in by buying used furniture, filing cabinets and cubicles. By planning ahead (to allow extra time for shopping around) could give you a return of thousands.

Track Your Supplies

Is what’s going out more than what you want to go in? That’s ok – you can readjust and simplify costs by taking inventory when you have to replenish your supplies. Track your toner, paper supplies, coffee pods so you can assess what to buy in bulk.

How Do I Find the Right Commercial Office Space?

When it comes to finding available, rentable office space in Houston, we make it simple. At SwiftLease, we provide small business owners in the Texas markets of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin the perfect office space to meet their financial and geographic needs. The best part is it’s a completely free service to the tenant! Our flexible office spaces include:

  • High-rise office buildings
  • Mid-rise offices buildings
  • Space in office parks
  • Medical offices
  • Executive suites
  • Co-Working offices
  • Subleases

From finding available office space in your desired location, to setting up building tours and negotiating the best possible price, SwiftLease takes care of it all, so you don’t have to. To speak to a SwiftLease leasing expert, call us at: 713-623-2487 or fill out a contact form here.