SwiftLease President on the power of consistency and discipline

President of SwiftLease (and NAI Partners Managing Partner) Jon Silberman was recently the featured guest on Apto’s debut podcast, and the CRM recently posted a summary of the conversation, entitled “The trick is, there are no tricks: Jon Silberman on the power of consistency and discipline.” “Despite his decades of experience, Jon sticks to the […]

What is a Tenant Improvement Allowance?

Did you find the perfect office space but there are two offices in the space that are too small and you want to combine them to make a large executive office? The Tenant Improvement Allowance can help you make sure the layout is perfect for your business.

Usable Vs. Rentable Square Feet

As a Tenant Representation Broker one of the most common questions we get it why does the space measure smaller that the square footage the are telling me the space is on the floorplan.  Rent is quoted in terms of rentable, not usable square footage. The rentable area of virtually every office unit includes a portion […]