The tools you need to survive the leasing game

Our agents at SwiftLease navigate the process of finding and negotiating office spaces for our customers daily in the Texas markets of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin; so they know the right questions to ask both you and the landlords regarding the space as well as the terms of the office lease. We have […]

SwiftLease President on the power of consistency and discipline

President of SwiftLease (and NAI Partners Managing Partner) Jon Silberman was recently the featured guest on Apto’s debut podcast, and the CRM recently posted a summary of the conversation, entitled “The trick is, there are no tricks: Jon Silberman on the power of consistency and discipline.” “Despite his decades of experience, Jon sticks to the […]

The Rise of Millennials in the Workplace

It’s the effect of CBRE. As Millennials are entering the workplace they are changing the dynamic. Previously, corporate office settings were office intensive style floorplans. The open layout is now king and employee amenities are winning new hires. For years the executive offices, high cubicles, and windows lined with private offices was the design sought after by […]