The Importance of a Tenant Rep Broker

  If you are not using a Tenant Rep Broker in your office leasing, renewals, or purchases you are wasting your time and money. Learn more about how this free valuable resource can help your small business. The Landlord Agent/Broker: The landlord agent can also be referred to as leasing agent. Landlord agents represent building […]

Usable Vs. Rentable Square Feet

As a Tenant Representation Broker one of the most common questions we get it why does the space measure smaller that the square footage the are telling me the space is on the floorplan.  Rent is quoted in terms of rentable, not usable square footage. The rentable area of virtually every office unit includes a portion […]

Choosing the Right Space

How do you know what type of office space is right for you? SwiftLease experts explain the four main types of office space that is available to small businesses. Are you confused over the many differrent types of office space available for small business?  You are not alone.  SwiftLease experts have summarized the four main types […]

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Tenant Rep Broker

    To Use or Not To Use a Broker? That is the question. There are many common misconceptions when it comes to office tenant representation.  In most cases, these misconceptions are the reason office tenants opt out of using a Broker to represent them.  Unfortunately, the majority of office tenants are unaware of the […]

The Importance of a Positive Work Environment for your Small Business

  Retain your employees by applying these three steps to your growing small business. Everyone has their own ideas on how to grow a successful small business.  Many business owners spend a great deal amount of money hiring consultants to help them achieve their small business goals, while the answer is often very simple.  Employees who […]

The New Age of Mobile Technology

  How important is it to be mobile friendly for your small business website? It should not be a surprise to you that the internet has changed our world immensely.  It provides the ability to access just about anything on the world-wide-web with just a click of a button.  At first, the computer was the […]