Is your commute too long?

Here’s some virtual coffee, and something to think about this week. In your quest to add value to your company, its time to consider the not so small component of commute. If you and your employees have been dealing hours of traffic to and from the office, maybe it’s time to consider a move. Lessening […]

Amenities can make (or break) your office experience

The gym is fancy, the cafe is nice, but do they matter to office tenants? Well according to a new survey by Kate Cohen from The Lab, they do. “To determine the right amenity package, we looked beyond the physical spaces to understand the tenant profile and tour strategy at the building. Through an […]

You’re wasting money and time.

    Don’t you just love spending too much money? Wait, that’s a no? Okay, well do you love spending hours trying to search for an office during your busy day when you should be working? No again huh? Well, we have great news for you…   “At SwiftLease our customers are small businesses and […]

Does your growing business have a growing problem?

It’s no secret that owning a small business is a goal for many Americans. Also, the success of these businesses and startups, sometimes overnight, can lead to some financial trepidation. One of the most prevailing issues that small businesses face is that of perception or viability to consumers and investors alike. Working from home is […]